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Feedback and Complaints

Relationships Australia Canberra & Region welcomes client feedback and has a policy of responding actively to client complaints. This is especially so when the complaint indicates a possible breach of ethical standards or of a human right.

Client Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on the service you have received at RACR, we invite you to complete a Client Feedback Form. These forms are located in the waiting area and may be either placed in the box in the waiting area or mailed to RACR (details on the form). You can also access our  Client feedback form via our website.

Client Complaints

If you wish to register a complaint about any aspect of the service you received at RACR, please follow the process outlined below so that we can respond promptly and effectively to your concerns:

  • You are encouraged to raise your complaint with your practitioner in the first instance, or if the complaint relates to your practitioner, we suggest you raise your complaint with your practitioner’s supervisor or a senior RACR manager (N.B. Reception staff are able to advise who these staff are and can contact them directly for you);
  • You are encouraged to put your complaint in writing. A staff member (e.g. your practitioner or a staff member at reception) can help you record your complaint and will do so in writing. Interpreters can also be made available, if required. Note that privacy and confidentiality will be maintained to the maximum extent possible when a complaint has been made;
  • Alternatively, Client Complaints forms are located on our website and in the client waiting area and can be filled out and handed directly to reception staff or mailed/emailed to the organisation at any time;
    • Clients will be treated fairly and services will not be withheld if they make a complaint;
        • A senior RACR staff member will be responsible for investigating the complaint; and
            • RACR undertakes to provide clients with written information outlining the action the organisation undertook to address the complaint within two weeks of the organisation receiving it.

              You may also make a complaint to one or more of the following bodies:

              Please seek advice from a staff member if you are unsure on how your service is funded.

              Complaints can also be made to:

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