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Courses that Relationships Australia Canberra and Region offer

Men's Behavioural Change Group

This program is designed for men who want to explore new and positive strategies for dealing with anger in their lives and relationships. There are no Men’s Behavioural Change Groups being delivered in Canberra from our Deakin office for the remainder of 2019. We are currently planning the schedule of groups for 2020 and these dates will be available on the website in the latter half of 2019.

Men's Behavioural Change Group - Read More…

New Beginnings

This course helps women explore how to have a positive relationship with their anger.

New Beginnings - Read More…

Relaxing into Parenting and Baby Makes Three

Relaxing into Parenting and Baby Makes 3 is an evidence based program which increases confidence of expectant couples during their transition to parenting. Couples gain skills to manage stress, strengthen their relationships and know where to seek personal and professional support in their community. This group creates social connectedness in the early postnatal period with group participants often continuing to meet up for years after the group.

Relaxing into Parenting and Baby Makes Three - Read More…

FOCCUS - Relationship and Pre Marriage Education

FOCCUS is a short program for committed couples. It encourages couples to discuss important aspects of their relationship in a safe and non-threatening environment. This program is available in our Canberra and Wagga Wagga offices.

FOCCUS - Relationship and Pre Marriage Education - Read More…

RAGE (Renavigating Angry & Guilty Emotions)

RAGE (Renavigating Angry & Guilty Emotions) is a free six week program for young people aged between 11 – 17 years.

RAGE (Renavigating Angry & Guilty Emotions) - Read More…

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