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Courses that Relationships Australia Canberra and Region offer

Relaxing into Parenting and Baby Makes Three

Relaxing into parenting and baby makes three is for couples expecting their first baby. This group assists to increase your confidence as you transition into parenting. Learn how to manage stress, strengthen your relationships and know where to seek personal and professional support in the community.

Relaxing into Parenting and Baby Makes Three - Read More…

Building Better Relationships

This group helps couples to strengthen their relationship, explore how to manage conflicts more compassionately, deepen friendship and intimacy and share life purpose and dreams.

Building Better Relationships - Read More…

Parenting After Separation

This group is for separating and separated couples. They look at strategies to co-parent during and after separation, explore issues such as parenting from a distance, conflict with a former partner and the children's reactions to separation.

Parenting After Separation - Read More…

Right Birth Your Choice

This group helps couples expecting a baby to make informed choices about healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth.

Right Birth Your Choice - Read More…

Men's Behaviour Change Group

This program is designed for men who want to explore new and positive strategies for dealing with anger in their lives and relationships.

Men's Behaviour Change Group - Read More…

Non-violent resistance (NVR)

Overcome your child’s violent, dangerous and destructive behaviour with non-violent resistance is a new approach, developed by clinical psychologists specifically to target violent, destructive and controlling behaviour in children, adolescents and young adults. Resistance against the violence is developed step by step, building on what parents experience in the process, the support they are able to receive, and their growing confidence

Non-violent resistance (NVR) - Read More…

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