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Men's Behaviour Change Group

Relationships Australia is running a men’s behaviour change program called Taking Responsibility for Respectful Relationships in Wagga Wagga.


Men’s behaviour change programs work with men who have used, or are using, violence and abuse in their intimate and family relationships.  The program is designed to help men to stop hurting the people they love most, and in the process become better partners and better fathers, improving the quality of life through positive and respectful relationships.

In the past, in situations of family and domestic violence, men were often referred to anger management programs.  Current practice in addressing family violence recognises that this is no longer appropriate.  There are many aspects of family violence that occur outside of a context of anger; current research indicates there are several drivers of family violence and that effective responses are not anger management related but target these drivers.  Men’s behaviour change programs explore values, attitudes and behaviours that contribute to men using violence, and create opportunities for men to develop new ways of being in relationship with the people they love.

Relationships Australia is accredited with the NSW Department of Justice to run men’s behaviour change programs, meeting the current standards.

The program is conducted over a period of 14 session, commencing on 1 April 2020. The cost is $20 per session.

If you would any further information you can contact the course coordinator on 69239100,  email or download our flier.

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