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Dhunlung Yarra

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Dhunlung Yarra

Dhunlung Yarra, meaning ‘Tell, Talk’, incorporates the language of two Traditional Owners of country in which Relationships Australia Canberra & Region operates – Ngunnawal (Dhunlung) and Wiradjuri (Yarra).

Our Dhunlung Yarra service is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, supporting community members to open up and ‘Tell, Talk’. Our experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff provide a cultural approach to service delivery. This includes outreach options to meet you at a location where you are most comfortable.

We work with individuals, couples and families, keeping culture at the centre of all we do. The Dhunlung Yarra Network spans across all locations and provides consultative guidance to staff to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ experience.


Our Dhunlung Yarra service is available from our Canberra office and community outreach locations across Canberra.


Fees for services are charged based on a sliding scale according to your income, ensuring accessibility for all people. Our team will discuss fees with you at the time of booking, including any concessions that may apply. 

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