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Education Groups

Taking Responsibility for Respectful Relationships

A program designed for men who want to take responsibility for their violent and abusive behaviour in striving for more respectful and safer relationships

Men's Behavioural Change Group

This program is designed for men who want to explore new and positive strategies for dealing with anger in their lives and relationships.

Non Violent Resistance

Non-violent resistance is a new approach, developed by clinical psychologists specifically to target violent, destructive and controlling behaviour in children, adolescents and young adults.

Resistance against the violence is developed step by step, building on what parents experience in the process, the support they are able to receive, and their growing confidence


RAGE (Renavigating Angry & Guilty Emotions) is a free six week program for young people aged between 11 – 17 years. Participants will learn the differing anger styles, the anger cycle, healthy expressions of anger and understand that guilt is a healthy part of the anger cycle.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings helps you identify where your anger comes from and learn ways to communicate and manage your feelings and emotions.  We also look at the impact that anger has on our bodies and lives, and address how we can better care for ourselves.

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