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We are an independent, not-for-profit secular organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families to live meaningful lives, and to enjoy positive and respectful relationships.

Our services are available throughout Canberra and the New South Wales South Coast, Alpine, Southern Tablelands and Riverina regions. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in which we deliver services.

We welcome all people, in all their diversity. We provide an inclusive environment to ensure all communities feel safe and supported regardless of income, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or cultural background.

News and Events

When Should I Seek Counselling for my Child?

Living in a rural area is often a rewarding lifestyle but can at times be lonely experience – whether you’ve lived there your whole life, or if you’ve just relocated.

Dividing Time Over the Holidays: A Guide for Separated Parents

If you’ve recently separated, holidays can be tough. Create a positive and memorable Christmas Holidays for your children by creating a plan for co-parenting.

Easing the Stress of Separation with Property Mediation

Helpful tips to come to agreement over your property division through mediation. Find a workable solution that both parties are comfortable with and ease the stress of your separation.