Building Better Relationships

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Building Better Relationships


Partners: A Guide to Successful Relationships

A resource guiding couples to set their relationship up for success and longevity. Tips for communication, conflict management, and improving your relationship.

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Building Better Relationships

Couple relationships today inevitably face many challenges. The Building Better Relationships group program is designed for heterosexual or LGBTIQA+ partners who are committed to their relationship and have a desire to make it more fulfilling/successful.   

Over eight weekly sessions this course will equip you and your partner with the practical knowledge and skills to build connection, friendship, and intimacy in your relationship. It will also provide new ways for couples to cope positively with life and relationship stressors.   

This group program explores:  

  • Managing expectations and roles in your relationship  
  • What research says about healthy relationships
  • Building commitment and trust  
  • Communication  
  • Managing conflict and appreciating differences
  • Maintaining connection 

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