About RACR

About RACR

At Relationships Australia Canberra & Region, we believe that healthy relationships are essential for the wellbeing of individuals and communities. We are a leading provider of relationship support services for adults, families, children and young people, workplaces and communities across Canberra and the New South Wales South Coast, Alpine, Southern Tablelands and Riverina regions.

Our secular service provision aligns with our collective belief that all people, in all their diversity, have the right to live a meaningful life and to enjoy positive and respectful relationships within their family and community.

We support individuals and families to have healthy relationships with counselling, mediation and other specialised support services, provided in both face-to-face and online environments. This includes people who are living with the impacts of domestic and family violence, gambling harm and historical childhood sexual abuse. As lead agency of headspace services, we also support young people in the Riverina and South Coast regions. 

We are a member of the Relationships Australia federation – a leading not-for-profit community-based organisation supporting individuals, families and communities across Australia.  


Relationships Australia was originally known as the National Marriage Guidance Council of Australia, which was established in 1948 to support Australian soldiers to reconnect with their families upon their return from World War II.  

Our Canberra service was established in 1964 and extended to regional parts of New South Wales including the Riverina in 1975 and the South Coast in 2004. Over time our services have evolved to respond to the new and emerging needs of Australian families.

Today our service supports more than 12,808 individuals, from our humble beginnings of supporting 27 individuals in our first year of operation.

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