A Fair Share

Information to support individuals negotiate a fair division of their property following a separation.


A video explaining what happens at a changeover at one of our Children’s Contact Service centres. Suitable for children.

Employee Assistance Program

Men and Separation

Support resource for men going through a separation.

Partners: A Guide to Successful Relationships

A resource guiding couples to set their relationship up for success and longevity. Tips for communication, conflict management, and improving your relationship.

Safe from Violence

A resource for women leaving or separating from a domestic and family violence situation. Education on identifying a violent relationship, effects, safety planning and your choices to move forward.

Share the Care 

A resource to help separating or separated parents collaboratively plan their parenting with the best interests of their child as a priority.

Supervised Visits

A video overview explaining how a supervised visit works, and what to expect. Suitable for children.

What About the Children? 

Guide for separating parents to assist their children to cope with this life adjustment.

Why Am I Going to Relationships Australia? 

Helpful booklet to aid conversations with children, helping them to understand the family mediation process and what to expect from their visit to Relationships Australia.

Women and Separation 

Support resource for women going through a separation.