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Separation Counselling


Men and Separation

Support resource for men going through a separation.

Women and Separation 

Support resource for women going through a separation.

What About the Children? 

Guide for separating parents to assist their children to cope with this life adjustment.

Separation Counselling

Counselling sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to talk about challenges you may be experiencing as you navigate your separation.     

Counselling can be attended either individually, as a couple or co-parenting team, or as a family. It can help to clarify issues, gain new perspectives and work towards positive changes.   

Common topics include:  

  • Communication   
  • Separation  
  • Parenting children in separate households  
  • Transition or change  
  • Blended or step-families  


Fees for counselling services are charged based on a sliding scale according to your income, ensuring accessibility for all people. Our team will discuss fees with you at the time of booking.

Related Services

Family Mediation

Help for separated couples to reach agreements regarding their children. Aims to reduce conflict, negotiate outcomes, and develop techniques to deal with future disputes.