Neighbour Day

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Neighbour Day is the annual focal point for Relationships Australia’s Neighbours Every Day campaign. It is a call-to-action and takes place on the last Sunday of March each year.

What is Neighbours Every Day?

Neighbours Every Day is Relationships Australia’s campaign to promote the benefits of social connections and building the capacity to make and maintain respectful relationships. It is about empowering communities to build respectful and supportive relationships.

Research has shown that when people connect with their communities, they have a greater sense of belonging. This can lead to benefits including improved mental well-being, reduced feelings of loneliness and the increased resilience to face challenges.

Create Belonging

This Neighbour Day we celebrated the Neighbours Every Day theme to ‘Create Belonging’.

We can all take everyday actions to create social connection and foster respectful relationships with those around us. To create belonging people need to be accepted for who they are, and feel safe and comfortable.

Connection Tips to Create Belonging

  • Start small. Build your confidence and network by making small connections throughout the year. Be the person to smile, wave or say hello – it could make someone’s day!
  • Get out there! Spend some time in your front garden, communal areas or anywhere you are more likely to catch up with others. This will give you more opportunities to connect with your community.
  • Do a random act of kindness. A thoughtful action can help people feel seen and valued. Not to mention you will feel good about it too!
  • Make a call. Check in with someone you haven’t spoken to for some time. Even if you leave a voicemail, they will appreciate the thought.
  • Exchange goods. Your trash may be another’s treasure! Attending or hosting a garage sale is a good way to connect with others in the community.
  • Start meaningful conversation. Be a good neighbour and a great listener.

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