Maintaining Healthy Relationships


Partners: A Guide to Successful Relationships

A resource guiding couples to set their relationship up for success and longevity. Tips for communication, conflict management, and improving your relationship.

Healthy relationships have a huge impact on our wellbeing and mental health.  

Having a healthy, loving and long-lasting relationship requires both parties to have a continual willingness to work on themselves and your relationship.  

Continuing to build on your friendship will strengthen your relationship. Together you can positively work through any challenges you encounter.   


  • Be clear with your wants and needs in the relationship.  
  • Share information and create opportunities for understanding. Don’t leave your partner to guess or assume what you are thinking.
  • Talk about the hard stuff when things are going well. 
  • Learn how to recognise and understand your own emotions. 
  • Get to know each other’s communication strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Set regular time aside for just the two of you – and stick to it.  
  • Be open and communicate about your intimacy. 


  • Approach conflict with a helpful attitude. Conflict should be a discussion – not a war.  
  • Learn to acknowledge your own emotions and manage them. When your emotions start to heighten, take a time-out to calm down.  
  • Acknowledge each other’s point of view.  
  • Negotiate and seek a resolution. This might mean letting go and moving forward. 
  • Maintain perspective. The issue is the conflict, not your partner.  

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