First Nations Community

As a trusted provider of family and relationships services, Relationships Australia Canberra & Region is proud to stand beside all community members, in all of their diversity, to support the maintenance of positive and safe relationships.

We celebrate the strength of our diverse communities. We acknowledge and respect the cultural, spiritual and economic sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the traditional custodians of the land on which we live.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members are encouraged to seek support through Relationships Australia. We work with our clients to offer a quality service in a culturally sensitive and respectful manner.

Our Dhunlung Yarra Service provides flexible and culturally appropriate support specifically for Canberra’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. This is a service delivered by First Nations people, for First Nations people.

We also ensure that all of our staff maintain their cultural fitness by completing cultural competence training and participating in regular cultural awareness activities. We embed cultural safety in our daily practices. Our staff are empowered to work sensitively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Our Dhunlung Yarra team provides consultative advice across all locations and provides consultative guidance to staff to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ experience.

Related Services

Dhunlung Yarra

Flexible and culturally appropriate support for First Nations Australians. Staffed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals, providing culture-centred support to individuals, couples and families.


Supports young people with services for mental health; physical health; work and study support; and alcohol and other drug services.

Domestic & Family Violence Support

Helps couples and families who have experienced, witnessed, or committed violence or abuse; to bring about positive change and better manage conflict.