Coming to a Parenting Agreement


Share the Care 

A resource to help separating or separated parents collaboratively plan their parenting with the best interests of their child as a priority.

What About the Children? 

Guide for separating parents to assist their children to cope with this life adjustment.

Why Am I Going to Relationships Australia? 

Helpful booklet to aid conversations with children, helping them to understand the family mediation process and what to expect from their visit to Relationships Australia.

A parenting plan is a written agreement between parents covering practical parenting responsibilities. It should be made with a shared commitment to put the best interests of your child and their future first.

A parenting plan documents practical decisions about how you will raise your children including:

  • Religion, values and principles
  • Major decisions – such as moving schools, moving house or new partners
  • Living and contact arrangements – agreed periods children will spend with each parent
  • Transport and children’s activities – arrangements to support children’s activities such as sports, hobbies, sleepovers or social activities
  • Changeovers – time and location for children to transfer from one parent to the other
  • Child care and supervision
  • Housekeeping – arrangements for sharing belongings between to homes
  • Communication with children while apart
  • Contact with grandparents, relatives and friends
  • Special days – how time is divided on special occasions such as birthdays, school holidays, Christmas etc.

Related Services

Family Mediation

Help for separated couples to reach agreements regarding their children. Aims to reduce conflict, negotiate outcomes, and develop techniques to deal with future disputes.

Children’s Contact Service

Facilitates contact between young people and their families following a family separation or breakdown.