Dividing Our Assets


A Fair Share

Information to support individuals negotiate a fair division of their property following a separation.

What About the Children? 

Guide for separating parents to assist their children to cope with this life adjustment.

Over the course of a relationship – whether you have been married or living as a de facto couple – you are likely to acquire many assets and liabilities. The settlement to divide your assets and liabilities is often a complex and emotional process.

We work with separating couples to negotiate mutually acceptable property agreements. Property agreements document how property will be divided avoiding an adversarial court process.

What is in your property pool?

All property of the relationship is considered part of the property pool. This includes:


  • Real estate
  • Cash in bank accounts, both joint and separate
  • Shares
  • Superannuation
  • Motor vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans etc.
  • Assets in business, companies etc.



  • Mortgage
  • Loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Hire purchase agreements
  • HECS or HELP debt
  • Personal debts.

Negotiating the division of the pool

The property pool division can be impacted by significant contributions of parties. This includes both financial, non-financial, homemaker and parenting contributions.

  • Salary or wages
  • Inheritances
  • Gifts including both monetary or items of value
  • Housekeeping
  • Child care
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening

Future needs will also be considered

  • Age and state of health
  • Income earning capacity and future financial resources
  • Reasonable future standard of living
  • Parenting arrangements and financial support of children under 18.

Formalising the agreement

Once an agreement has been reached, it will then need to be formalised through Consent Orders or a binding financial agreement. This will ensure the agreement is legally binding.

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